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PN Manufacturer HP Description
4Z518 Dayton .07HP Dayton Model 4Z518, 1/15HP, RPM 15/12.5, 115/230VAC, Ratio 107:1
GPP231109 Superior 0.025HP Slo-Syn 1/40th HP, 90VDC,.35 Amps, 1720 RPM/28.7 60:1 Reducer, Frame PSSH-0, Cat GPP231109
6526370101 Franklin 0.05HP Franklin 1/20 HP, 72 LB IN, 115VAC 35/29 RPM FLA 1.1, Mod 6526370101, Hantscho Fits Hantscho Mark 16 and Mark 5 Circumferential Register
6526370101 Franklin 0.05HP Franklin 1/20 HP, 72 LB IN, 115VAC 8.5/7.0 RPM FLA 1.1, Mod 6526370101, Hantscho Fits Hantscho Mark 16 Circumferential Register
V03983 Weise 0.09HP Weise Gear Company Model V03983 AA 80, 115VAC, 1A, 30RPM Output 1/12HP (Use on Nebiolo Press Register Motor)
GP 7405 Baldor 0.25HP Baldor 1/4HP, 90VDC, 2.4 Amps, 33:1 Gearbox Output RPM 68, .75" Thru Shaft
CDP3320 Baldor 0.33HP Baldor .33 HP 90VDC, 1750 RPM, Cat CDP3320, Spec 33-2024Z102, Frame 56C (NEW)
34-5990Z17961 Baldor 0.5HP Baldor / Boston Gear, 0.5 HP, 90VDC, 1150 RPM, Frame 56C, Spec 34-5990Z17961 (Rebuilt)
2M168C Dayton 0.5HP Dayton 0.5HP, 90VDC, Permanent Magnet DC Motor, (Rebuilt), Model 2M168C RPM 1725, NEMA Frame 56C
2M168D Dayton 0.5HP Dayton 1/2HP, 90VDC, Permanent Magnet DC Motor, (Rebuilt), Model 2M168D RPM 1725
BA3628-1331-56B Pacific Scientific 0.5HP Pacific Scientific Cat#BA3628-1331-56B, 30VDC, 1/2HP, 2000 RPM (Harris Chill Harmonic motor, and possibly fit T-23 Infeed.
CD3475 Baldor 0.75HP Baldor .75HP, 90VDC 1750 RPM, Frame 56C, Spec 34-6472-1483 (Rebuilt)
NCI-34RH Bodine 0.7HP Bodine 1/15 HP, 115VAC, 1.0 Amps, 60Hz, 1725 RPM / 43.125 RPM w/ 40:1 Right Angle Gearbox
Nr. 952 35139 Seidel 1.0HP Seidel Model SM 56-S 2000J, Nr. 952 35139, 0.75kw (Use on Zirkon 6611 older version)
5K49ZN6391S GE 1.8HP General Electric CAT 5K49ZN6391S, 208-230/460VAC 1140 RPM 6.5-6.6/3.3 Amps Frame 56Y (NEW) HD52AK 653, Carrier 100 Ton Cooling Fan Motor
D50150P Baldor 150HP Baldor 150HP DC Motor, 1750 RPM, Frame AD409AT, Model D50150P
VM3545 Baldor 1HP Baldor 1 HP, 230/460 VAC,RPM 3450, Frame 56C CAT VM3545 Spec 34A63-282 (NEW)
CDP3445 Baldor 1HP Baldor 1 HP, 90VDC 10 Amps CAT CDP3445 Spec 34-5990-3675 Frame 56C
CDP3455 Baldor 1HP Baldor 1 HP, 90VDC 5 Amps CAT CDP3455 Spec 34-4401-3865 Frame 56C (Rebuilt)
CDP3455 Baldor 1HP Baldor 1HP, 180VDC, Frame 56C Spec CDP3455, Spec 34-5590-3865
PM18100TF-B Boston Gear 1HP Boston Gear 1HP Cat# PM18100TF-B, SPEC# 34-6159-3865, 1750RPM, Type PM3435P, 5A, 180VDC
4Z378C Dayton 1HP Dayton 1HP Permanent Magnet DC Motor, (Rebuilt), Model 4Z378C RPM 
AVK 56H17F2021 A Marathon Electric 1HP Marathon 1 HP MicroMax, 230/460VAC, Frame 56C, Max RPM 5400 (Available with Optional Baldor Drive Controller and 40:1 Falk Gearbox) Fan cover missing.
Model 230 2x3 Fincor 2HP AC Motor Speed Control 115/230 VAC, 17/15.8A, 2HP/1HP Max (NEW) GOSS AHP04351370
128010 Leeson 2HP Leeson, 2HP 180 VDC, 1750 RPM, Frame K145TC, Cat 128010.00 (Hantscho Ink Fountain Ball Motor) (NEW)
JMM3158T Baldor 3HP Baldor 3HP w/ MOTORPUMP Head, Spec 35N833R286G1, 208/230/460 VAC, 8.5-8/4 Amps, Frame 145JM, Motor pump 3038K102 5.25 Impeller Diameter
M3613T Baldor 5HP Baldor 5HP 3PH, 230/460VAC, Frame 184T, Cat#M3613T Spec#36A001X874H1 (NEW)
9127100 Nexan Clutch Nexan Clutch PN 912700, 5H60PSP-1x1.938 Bore, Pilot
SS150BP1 Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS150BP1, 120VAC, 0.4Amps, 16.6 RPM, 50/60Hz (NEW), SS150BP1
SS222T Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS222T
SS241-G3 Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS241-G3 Synchronous Stepping Motor w Gear Head
SS25 Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS25, 120VAC, 0.1 Amps, 72 RPM, SPEC BM131411, 25 oz. in. (NEW)
SS400B-2010U Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS400, 120VAC, .6 Amps, 50/60 Hz. w/ Gear Box
SS400-1101 Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS400-1101 Synchronous Stepping Motor  120VAC 50/60hz
SS400B Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS400B 120VAC, 0.6A,72RPM, 50/50hz
SS400-P1 Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS400-P1 Synchronous Stepping Motor, 120VAC w/ gear head
SS402-BP1 Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS402-BP1 Synchronous Stepping Motor, 220 VAC w/ Gear Head
SS700 Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS700 Synchronous Stepping Motor, 72RPM 120VAC 50/60hz, 700 oz/in
SS700-G5 Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS700-G5 Synchronous Stepping Motor, 72RPM 120VAC 50/60hz, 700 oz/in w/ Boston Gear 5:1 Gear Head Cat Number F309B-5-G, SS700-G5
SS700U Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS700U Synchronous Stepping Motor, 72RPM 120VAC 50/60hz, 700 oz/in
SS421TG4 Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS421TG4
SS451T Superior Fractional Slo-Syn SS451T
M111-FD-414 Superior Fractional Superior M111-FD-414, 2.26V, 6.1A, 200 steps per rev (Use on WPC CCR Transport)
APY-100 Amicon Tach DC Tachometer Amicon APY-100 Long Life, 100 VDC/1000 RPM, Max 5400 RPM, Max 125mA, Hubner Electromashien AG
601A101-2 Baldor Tach DC Tachometer Baldor Type XPY, Voltage Gradient 100 V/1000 RPM, Max Speed 5000 RPM, .40 Max. Amps, PN 601A101-2 w/0 Flange
601A100-1 Baldor Tach DC Tachometer Baldor Type XPY, Voltage Gradient 50 V/1000 RPM, Max Speed 2500 RPM, PN 601A100-1 w/ 4-bolt Flange (Same as GE 5PY59J except base mount)
5PY59JY1 GE Tach DC Tachometer GE 98.6 Volts DC / 1000 RPM, Max Speed 2500 RPM Flange Mnt.
2425RV5034 Bodine   Bodine PN# 2425RV5034, Type 42T2BEHY, 115VAC, 50/60hz 60/72 RPM
5CD184TA094B076 GE General Electric   GE DC Motor 50HP, RPM:1750/2100, 500V, Fld Volts 300/150
126WOMIA Falk   Falk 40:1 Right Angle Gear box, 1.33 Max Input HP. 1.125" Thru Shaft
DUM01133-1 Grove Gear   Grove Gear, Flexaline Gearbox .11 input Hip, 150:1 Ratio

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